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I have been using essential oils for me and my family steadily for over three years for one…simple…reason:  They WORK!  They’re safe, effective, affordable, non-habit forming and today more than ever, I feel like I am more able to take control of my health than ever before.

My journey with oils began when close friends of ours mentioned using peppermint oil and frankincense oil for a constant headache brought on from the removal of my Thyroid due to thyroid cancer.  I remember thinking: “Frankincense oil oil?  Is that a thing?”  Sure enough, a dab of the oils behind each ear relieved the head and neck tension almost immediately!  I was now officially “intrigued”.

After doing some research online I decided to go ahead and buy my husband an essential oil blend called “Serenity” from a company these same friends were using called doTERRA.  Once again it worked!  My husband (who is probably the biggest skeptic out there) said he felt the tension release from his “feet up” after applying to the soles of his feet before bedtime.

Then we tried a regiment of Melaluca, Oregano and Clove along with a low sugar diet to help relieve athlete’s foot discomfort he had been dealing with since sophomore year in college (20 Years!).  After 2 weeks it had cleared up!  Now, this is something he had been dealing with for nearly 20 years!  Simply…amazing.

No longer the skeptic, my husband was a fullonbeliever.  And so was I.

At that point, I had to figure these essential oils out:  Why are they so effective?  Why haven’t I heard of them before?  Where can I get the best essential oils for my money?

If your reading this article, you’re probably wondering the same thing.  So let’s start at the basics…

How Essential Oils Work

Essential oils is the aromatic “essence” of a plant’s bark, roots, flowers, leaves, sap or stems and is normally produced today using a processed called “steam distillation”.  This is where steam is used to pull this essence from the plant matter.  The resulting steam is then captured and any water is removed to leave this concentrated essence behind.

For some plants, these essences have some tremendous beneficial health properties for us humans – which makes sense. Why?  These compounds are what the plant uses to repair itself;  to combat disease, to ward off insects, bacteria and fungus – and since they are naturally forming compounds – our bodies are more readily able to accept them at the cellular level to do the same things.

How to Use Essential Oils

Essential oils can be used in three basic methods.  Topical Application (on the skin), inhalation (breathing it in) or ingestion (down the hatch!).  How you use the oil should depend on what you’re trying to achieve, and often times a combination of methods may be best.

Topical Application

Essential oils can be applied directly to the skin for absorption directly into the blood stream.  For muscle or tendon issues for example, it makes sense to apply directly on the area where it hurts.  Other times application to area where the skin in more permeable (armpits, palms or soles of feet for example) might make the most sense.

For topical application, I almost always recommend diluting the essential oils with a “carrier oil” like coconut (my favorite), grapeseed or jojoba.  Diluting your oils slows down the evaporation rate and allows for a smoother application.  Don’t worry – you won’t be losing any of the benefit through dilution and you’ll be able to enjoy your oils longer.


You can actually breathe-in essential oil through the use of a diffuser, a humidifier, in a steaming bowl or by simply rubbing the oils in your hands and taking a big breath.  For example, I have sinus issues from time to time and will prepare a boiling pot of water with a few drops of certain “sinus-clearing” essential oils like Melaluca (tea tree), Eucalyptus and Oregano.  I then stick my head over the mixture a take a few deep breaths in.  This method works wonders for me.

Most consistent essential oil user own something called a diffuser, which atomizes (a fancy word for breaking down a solution into very small droplets) and disperses essential oils and water mixtures into the air.  With just a few drops of oil into a container of water, your essential oils can be enjoyed for hours.  Perfect for Aromatherapy – check out our article on Aromatherapy here.


Using your essential oils internally can be a effective way for your body to absorb the benefits.  While there is some debate as so when and even if you should take essential oils internally, doTERRA oils are safe enough to be ingested.

According to doTERRA, taking essential oils internally,

May be a very effective method to get the oils to be absorbed into the body to promote health and wellness,” and  “…can be an effective way to take essential oils internally so that they can be maximally absorbed by the gut for a whole body effect.

I usually dilute any oils in water I would be taking internally, or use them inside a pill.  doTERRA makes it easy with pre-packaged blends in soft-gels, or you can buy empty Veggie Capsules to create your own.

Bottom line, before using any oil, give some thought about the health goal you’re looking to accomplish and go from there.

If you’re unsure of which method, it’s always a good idea to ask the manufacturer or an expert on the proper use of the oil, there’s great information out there either online or through you manufacturer about the best method of application.

Why dōTERRA?

Over the years we’ve tried other oils on the market but have always come back to dōTERRA for three BIG reasons, namely:

  • They make a high quality oil
  • They are a great company inside and out
  • They’ve got such wonderful product variety

Great Quality

From a quality perspective, dōTERRA maintains a strict protocol for most everything they do including:

  • Each bottle of oil is Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG)
    • CPTG is the most stringent in the industry considered a step ABOVE organic
    • Certifies no synthetic chemicals, fillers or contaminants have been added
  • dōTERRA distills their oils using temperature-controlled low-heat steam distillation
    • These temperatures yield the highest amount of oil at maximum potency
  • Sourcing their oils worldwide in their native climates and environments where each plant grows the best
  • Harvesting only when the timing is perfect

Great Company

What really hooked me about dōTERRA is their commitment to give back is what sets them apart from many other companies in the field.  Rather than talking about charity and giving back, dōTERRA has actually incorporated it into their business model (what a great idea!)

With their Co-Impact Sourcing initiative, dōTERRA actually partners with growers and distiller alike in some 20+ third world countries to help to create long-lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships. They help train their partners, paying them on time, with fair market wage, and give back to the communities through their charitable Healing Hands Foundation.  Read more about their efforts in this article from .. also check out this inspiring video on the way dōTERRA is helping villagers in Haiti cultivate Vetiver through their Co-Impact sourcing program cultivate.  Truly inspirational…


Great Products

As a family we keep falling in love over and over with dōTERRA products, in large part because they keep coming out with useful products In addition to nearly 50 individual oils and over 30 blends, dōTERRA has a number of safe, effective and natural product lines that incorporate their oils, including:

  • Weight Management

    doTERRA Women's Health Kit
    doTERRA Women’s Health Kit
  • dōTERRA Women’s Health
  • Skin Care
  • Salon Products
  • Digestive Health
  • Aromatherapy
  • Children’s Supplements
  • Natural Supplements

We’re now coming to the end of 2016 and looking back over the past 3 years, I simply cannot believe the positive change these oils have had in our lives and others.  In that time we’ve become so much more aware of how what we put in our bodies effects the way we feel.  As a result I feel like I need to pass this wonderful freedom to YOU.

So…what the next step?

Click below to check out your options and my personalized freebies for you!

*Note:  These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Megan Word

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A self-described "Green Gal", Megan is a full-time mommy and passionate blogger in the natural health and green living space. She has been actively preaching to friends and family for years about simple ways to live free of synthetic chemicals, and in harmony with our one and only planet earth.

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