Essential Oils for Allergies

We all know when our allergies are starting to act up, with the sneezing, the runny nose, the headaches, the sinus pressure and itchy, watery eyes.  Needless to say this is not a good look for us gals.

It’s no wonder so many people reach for the immediate relief promised from over-the-counter and prescription drugs. However their costs, and side effects can discourage long-term use.

Thankfully there are natural alternatives – like essential oils.

With zero side effects, essential oils can relieve our symptoms and start to heal our bodies naturally.  Here’s a short list of some of the best oils that consistently work for me and my family.  There’s tons more, so if you have questions, leave a comment or feel free to contact me at:  megan@greenscenegal

Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint oil is one of the great essential oils for seasonal allergies. It opens nasal passages, reduces coughing and acts as an expectorant. Many season allergies manifest as lung or sinus congestion. A few drops of peppermint oil in some tea can clear that up. Some studies have shown that peppermint oil reduces the spasms responsible for coughs. It is a great oil to add to a diffuser or mister. You can also do a steam bath with warm water and a towel. You will feel the immediate relief from congestion.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Eucalyptus is another essential oil that should always be in your bathroom cabinet. This oil is used as an expectorant and to increase circulation. It cleanses the body of built-up toxins that are triggering your allergic reaction. It is very healing to the sinuses and lungs when it is inhaled. Try adding a few drops into some steaming water. Then drape a cloth over your head and breathe deeply.

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is probably the most popular essential oil of all time. It has many applications and uses, plus it smells simply wonderful!  Used widely as a sleep aid, lavender has so many great benefits including preventing or inhibiting your body’s allergic response. It is also effective to calm symptoms during an allergic reaction and I can’t tell you how many times we’ve used it to treat hives in our family.

Additionally lavender essential has natural anti-bacterial properties and is often used for sinus infections and other cough-related allergies.  Since it has anti-inflammatory properties, it can be used to treat the headaches or stress associated. Many store lavender with their clothing or sheets for a fresh scent and to keep pests at bay.

Want to learn more?  Check out our in-depth article on Lavender Essential Oil

Melaleuca Essential Oil

Widely known as tea tree oil, Melaleuca is commonly used for skin imbalances such as acne, rashes or hives. It is one the stronger oils and should only be used topically, and ideally diluted as it is very strong. Add it to a carrier oil like Coconut oil or witch hazel and use on localized areas.

It’s also great around the home as a cleaning agent since it has strong antimicrobial and antifungal properties, and be sprayed on surfaces to remove contaminates.  If diffused, it can also be an effective air purifier and can be used in a diffuser to reduce allergens.

Lemon Oil

Lemon, like lavender, is one of the more popular essential oils. It is so fresh and clean smelling that many enjoy using it around the home. Used extensively as a natural cleaning agent, it can also removes impurities and toxins in the system.

Great for allergy prevention, add a few drops to your tea can cleanse and rejuvenate your body to kick-start the it’s natural immune response.

Basil Oil

Basil also has strong anti-microbial properties. Basil reduces the body’s response to allergens, lessening your symptoms. It is useful for ear or sinus infections. Basil can also be used internally for yeast or mold issues. For those suffering from asthma, it can clear the lungs of contaminants and ease breathing.

Don’t let the winter blues or the springtime allergies get you down. There are numerous ways to combat allergies with natural and effective remedies like essential oils. I know you’ll notice a positive and it doesn’t hurt that they all smell good with no side effects.

These simple essential oil applications will get you and your home allergen and symptom-free in no time.  And remember, for essential oils:  quality matters!  Get the most out of your money and go with high-quality, organic essential oils like dōTERRA whenever possible.

Thanks again for reading…Megan 🙂

Megan Word

Green Gal Guru

A self-described "Green Gal", Megan is a full-time mommy and passionate blogger in the natural health and green living space. She has been actively preaching to friends and family for years about simple ways to live free of synthetic chemicals, and in harmony with our one and only planet earth.

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