Boost your immunity with On Guard Oil Blend

My family uses Thieves Oil pretty much all the time, but especially so during these winter months.  These months at the end of the year when our body’s immune system is simply worn out and in dire need of a boost!

We buy ours under the name “On Guard” from my favorite essential oil company doTERRA.  It’s a 100% natural blend of clove, orange, cinnamon, eucalyptus and rosemary essential oils.    Since we’ve been using it, I’ve noticed our visits to the doctor have dropped off – way off – and for once I finally feel like I have an effective natural solution to making it through the flu season.

It’s been around for a while too.  Over five centuries.  The reason for its long lasting popularity?  It works REALLY well at boosting immune systems.  And it smells great too!

And just like anything that’s been around for over 500 years, there’s some interesting history behind it as well.  So let’s buckle up in our time machines:  today we’re going to talk about Thieves Oils, it’s history, how it’s used, and why it’s so darned effective!


Ye Olde English ApothecaryOld English Apothecary
Ye Olde English Apothecary

Fifteenth century England didn’t have Walgreen’s.  You couldn’t find antibiotics, pain relievers, or synthetic drugs either.  If you were an English person your only weapon against the common cold was the healing properties of certain plants.  Tradesmen that knew how to make effective natural remedies from these plants were called apothecaries – and if they were good – they were paid handsomely.

It was also the period in which the deadly Bubonic Plague was ravaging most of the population of Europe, and apothecaries were in high demand.  The King of England, frightened for his life, had the luck to capture a band of opportunistic thieves who were descendants of a long line of skilled apothecaries.

Forced to reveal how they had freely entered the homes of the dead from whom they robbed, they relayed to the king a secret blend of plant oils, now known as “Thieves Oil” in which they rubbed onto themselves, which kept them healthy and unaffected by the plague that ravished the land at that time.

How it works

Essential oils are the aromatic “essence” of medicinal plant’s bark, roots, flowers, leaves, sap or stems.

For some plants, these essences have some tremendous beneficial health properties for us humans – which makes sense. Why?  These compounds are what the plant uses to repair itself; to combat disease, to ward off insects, bacteria, and fungus – and since they are naturally forming compounds – our bodies are more readily able to accept them at the cellular level to do the same things.

On Guard!

doTERRA's On Guard
doTERRA’s On Guard

Sold by doTERRA OnGuard blend is similar to thieves oil, though with the slightest of differences. While they both share a combination of clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus and rosemary essential oils, OnGuard uses Orange Oil and a slightly different formula.

The great thing I love about doTERRA is they sell OnGuard in Soft Gel pill form which contains Melissa Oil (Lemon Baum) – a rare essential oil with strong anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties

Use Around the Home

Thanks to a great aroma and strong anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, On Guard blend can be used as a wonderfully versatile household cleaner.  For freshening your carpet try adding five drops to a cup of baking soda, and after leaving it to be absorbed overnight, you will have a fresh, rich scented carpet that provides an entire house the rich, spicy smell that is unique to Thieves. A few drops in your dishwasher would not go amiss either. This multi-purpose use bears testimony to the extent of its cleaning power and practical application.

Additionally, all of the essential oil used also has anti-fungal molecular properties that make it useful for applying in spaces around you. When diffused, it also works to clean the air around you of bacteria.

Recommended Ailments to Treat

The essential oils used in Thieves blends like OnGuard have been shown to possess strong anti-septic, anti-viral, analgesic (pain killer) properties individually and together provide a balanced natural approach to keep you your healthiest.  Clove oil for example a main ingredient to OnGuard, for example is best known to relieve mouth sores and toothaches, but can also be used to relieve nausea, nausea and sinusitis. These are just a few of many benefits that are being discovered as modern science takes a closer look at its roots, uncovering treasures that risked being forgotten in time.

Putting it to use

NOTE:  OnGuard is a potent oil blend.  If you’re going to use the product topically, be sure to dilute it. A good place to start is diluting 1 drop of OnGuard with 4 drops of Fractionated Coconut Oil or another diluter. Test it on a small area of your body before using, just to be sure that it will not cause irritation to your skin.

  • Diffusing the bottle for 10-15 minutes will help eliminate airborne bacteria in your home or office space, and in that way provide you with better and cleaner air to breath.
  • Applying it to the bottom of your feet will also help you, as this is where the growth of fungi is a risk.
  • Use it as a natural deodorant (definitely dilute here before applying to your sensitive armpits!)
  • Add a few drops to some water in a spray bottle and use it as a cleaner for your home. Simply spray and wipe just as you would with any other cleaner. No harmful chemicals for you to inhale as with many other cleaners.
  • Use it as an ingredient in your homemade toothpaste.
  • Add it to your homemade chocolate. Just a little drop will give it a unique and yummy flavor.
  • Use it as an antiseptic cleaner and wash your hands regularly with it.


Well there you have it.  Thieves Oil / OnGuard… whatever you call it, it’s a great way to take control of your health using safe, 100% natural ingredients. Like the thieves of 15th Century England don’t be afraid to get out this winter knowing full well you’ve got your oils to give you a boost!


Megan Word

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A self-described "Green Gal", Megan is a full-time mommy and passionate blogger in the natural health and green living space. She has been actively preaching to friends and family for years about simple ways to live free of synthetic chemicals, and in harmony with our one and only planet earth.

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