About Me

My Hubby, Dave and I

Welcome to Green Scene Gal:  a blog dedicated to the strong woman who longs for a more natural way of life.  A life free of synthetic chemicals, GMOs, pesticides and artificial hormones, a life more connected and in harmony with our one and only Planet Earth.  Officially launched in 2016, Green Scene Gal is run by me, Megan Word, in an effort to create lasting, positive change in the World.

I strongly believe that Mother Nature has provided the world with all the necessary foods, compounds, and oils to live a full and healthy lifestyle in harmony with a more natural and sustainable existence.

I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned with you.

I’m looking to create a positive change in the world by providing information to my readers that is easy-to-read, conversational, and that breaks down complex health topics into a simple formula that moms and families can understand and implement.

Here’s my philosophy:

  • Follow Your Heart
  • Empower Your Mind
  • Simplify Your Life
  • Live Naturally

Feel Your Best

So many of the things we put in our mouth, touch or breathe can have a direct effect on how we feel.

It’s truly amazing (and scary) to see the direct effects I see almost immediately in our children when we give them some of the total garbage food that’s marketed directly toward children.  That’s why a good portion of what we’ll be talking about relates to getting unnecessary chemicals, preservatives, and SUGAR out of our daily lives.

Take Control of Your Health

I’m a BIG advocate of natural health.

As the daughter of a nurse, I’ve got the health gene running hot through my veins.  It’s been a long and interesting path to get to this point, and while I do believe that traditional medicine and pharmaceuticals have a rightful place in modern medicine, should they be our ONLY alternative?  I’m no hippie, but I really don’t think so, and a growing number of like-minded individuals are beginning to agree by taking control over their health.

That’s why you’ll hear me talk at great length about the countless positive medical benefits of Essential Oils, Herbs, and Aromatherapy.  These wonderful gifts from Mother Nature have quite literally changed our lives for the better.

I sincerely want the same for you and your family.

Please Explore!

So take a minute to look around.

I can’t wait to share with you the things I’ve learned on my journey.  Whether it’s my personal stories, recipes, advice on gardening, or natural beauty secrets, I sincerely hope you take something positive away from what we’ve put together here.




Join Me!

Looking to make a change in your life to one that has purpose, and is exciting, fun and financially rewarding?  You know, those dreams you’ve always talked about???  Think you’ve got what it takes to be a “Green Gal”?

Send me a note.  I am always in search of talented, motivated individuals that have that internal drive to better themselves and others.  You’ve come to the right place…   

…Together let’s achieve those dreams

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